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Insurance restoration (Garment and Textile Restoration)

Romeo Villager Cleaners is a restoration dry cleaning specialist, an expert in cleaning and restoring garments. We are specialized in garment restoration for the industry and a supplier to every major homeowner's insurance company that has coverage in Michigan. We are working for you to assure that smoke, water, humidity, mold and contaminants are thoroughly removed from damaged garments.

Fire Damage

In addition to the damage caused by the actual flames of a fire and the immense heat that can reach portions of the structure not directly affected by the flames themselves, household fires usually contain hundreds of noxious chemicals which can saturate the items within the garment. This smell is unpleasant for anyone, but is especially unbearable for anyone who has recently experienced a fire because it will often immediately trigger a powerful recollection of the tragedy.

That is why it is important to remove all of the odor-causing particles from clothing and other fabric items retrieved from a smoke and fire damaged building. An important way in which our fabric restoration specialists differ from other retail cleaners is that while the latter will charge for any attempts at cleaning - whether successful or not - our restoration specialists will only charge for our services if they are successful in restoring the items to their pre-loss condition or better.

Water Damage

In addition to the obvious harm caused to dry clean only garments and textiles by immersion - prolonged or otherwise - even fabric items that are intended for machine washing can be damaged by the effects of a flood. Damage can include colors becoming faded or otherwise altered within a particular article of clothing, dye transfer (bleeding) between articles, and the distortion of fabric that causes it to become rough and/or twisted.

The key to successful restoration after a flood is that the situation be responded to and dealt with immediately. The longer items are left submerged, the greater the likelihood that the damage will render the items non-restorable. Just let us know we'll take care of them.

Our promise

If your garment is not restored to pre-loss condition, we will remove it from the bill.

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Frequently   Asked   Questions
Q. What kind of goods can be cleaned?
A. All of your bedding, clothes, leather, draperies, towels, down pillows, furs, hats, stuffed animals.
Q. What kind of damages could be restored?
A. Smoke, water, humidity, mold and contaminants
Q. What if the garment is not restored to pre-loss condition?
A. It will be removed from your bill.