The Romeo Villager Cleaners loves customers

No trip to the cleaners!

Let us do the work. We’ll come to your home or office to pick up and return your personal dry cleaning and shirts. The service is free and it's easy!

We supply the VIP bag

When you sign up as our pickup/delivery customer, you’ll receive your very own VIP bag from us.

You leave it on your designated spot

Leave your VIP bag in a designated area. On the regular day we'll pick up automatically. No need to stay at home, we stop regularly.

We handle with care and deliver

Your order is returned to you packaged and ready to ware on the next stop. No rush to the cleaners, no worry about the cleaners closing time.

We bill your credit card

Attached to your order is a detailed invoice and charge receipt. This means no interruptions to you at work for no extra charge.
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Want it delivered to the office?
In addition to our home service,
we also offer Free Pick-up &
Delivery to and from your office.
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Frequently   Asked   Questions
Q. Is there any pickup & delivery fee?
A. No, There are no additional charges.
Q. Do you have your own dry cleaning plant?
A. Yes, every service is processed on site.
Q. Do I have to be at home for the pickup & delivery?
A. No, Just put the bag at the designate spot. We'll return them on the next delivery day to the same spot.
Q. What if I have no clothes to send?
A. Do nothing, we have no minimum frequency of use. However, if you could kindly give us a call, it would save our time a lot and we would appreciate it.
Q. Do you do alterations too?
A. Yes we do. Just attach instructions to your garment.